Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cat scratch fever!

The last few days have been a bit difficult. Bridget has been acting strange. Yowling and crying at all hours of the night so we don't get any sleep. She has just been acting very agitated and I thought she might be sick but she is eating fine. Then I did some research and found out that she is at the right age for her first heat. Poor Bridget! I wish there was some kitty Midol I could give her.

So we made an appointment to get her fixed on Monday. I know it's a routine, standard procedure and most likely she will be fine. But I am very worried and I wish we didn't have to do it. But I think it's a good idea. Cats can go into heat very frequently and it will help her to calm down a bit. I just hope it goes well. Please pray for Bridget on Monday or send good thoughts her way!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Only a few more days!

Rick and I are counting down the days now. Almost everything is packed and ready to go. We spend our time watching movies and playing with Bridget and talking about how excited we are to go to Kodachrome. We've also set up a website/blog! It's and the link is on my list. Go check it out! Right now we're just killing time waiting to go. Waiting to get started. It's very exciting but why is it that the quicker you want time to pass the slower it goes? And vice versa!
I'm enjoying the California warmth while I still can. It will be a cold winter in Utah. But not as cold or long as the winters I'm used to in Canada. It might even be kind of fun to see some snow again! From the window of a cozy cabin. With a mug of hot chocolate!