Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One more!! haha

More fashion fun with Astrid

I've been playing around with Astrid and shopping. Oh I love shopping in SL. I tried to wait for the Lucky chair at Crimson Shadow to get the beautiful blue dress I saw on Alicia's blog but I couldn't wait and a friend of Rick's ended up just giving me the lindens to go get it. haha. Thank you Tommy!! I love it!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Channelling Martha Stewart!

My little sister is getting married in early September and I am a bridesmaid! I live so far away that I was feeling a little bit sad that I couldn't really be there for her to help with the planning. I can't even be there for the shower. I did get to go to her dress fitting when we were in Canada last week and she looks gorgeous! She was telling me that she was having trouble deciding on what to do about favors for the people at the reception. This wedding is on a pretty tight budget and she was worried she wouldn't be able to afford anything nice. Then the light bulb went on in my head! SOAP! So I told her I would do all the favors for her and she was so happy! So the past few days I've been making 120 little heart and rose shaped soaps with a honey almond and apple raspberry scent. I've been wrapping them in ivory tulle and tying them up with ribbon. I feel like Martha Stewart or something!
It feels good to know I'm helping her out in some small way and she has one less thing to stress over. Although she is a very good bride- to- be. Not at all a bridezilla. She's only had three months to plan the wedding so she tells me she doesn't have a lot of time to stress over details because everything has to be decided so quickly. It's going to be a very interesting wedding. She's walking up the aisle to a string quartet playing "Smashing Pumpkins" and the reception is in a barn out in the woods. My mom is a little bit horrified. But I think the wedding will be just like my sister. Laid-back and unpretentious and lots of fun.
Bridget the cat is doing well. She is finally flea free and is putting on some healthy weight. She's into EVERYTHING. I'll find her in cupboards or up on top of book cases. And she wakes us up promptly at 5 am every morning. It's a little bit exhausting but we love her :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008


We have Bridget with us again! Last night we picked her up from Rick's daughter's house. She looks so healthy and she's put on weight. She's also got a lot more energy. She wants to play ALL the time. I slept ok last night but she woke us up very early.
I'm not sure what we will do with her. We aren't supposed to have pets here but we feel kind of responsible for her now. Do we just bring her to a shelter and hope for the best? We've given her a good start. It's just hard. What if she doesn't get adopted? Or what if irresponsible people adopt her? We are involved now! Unfortunately, she still has fleas. Not as many as before but enough to be a nuisance. We'll need to take her for a flea bath and a vet visit. I can't stand them. They are so creepy and ugly. I found one on my arm this morning. She doesn't seem bothered by them but I sure am! :)
She's sitting on a chair right now staring intently at my pet fish and my toad. She's such a magnificent hunter!

Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm Back!

The trip to Canada was a great success. Nothing bad happened. The flights were easy, the luggage was not lost, no car accidents or injuries. It was very interesting to be back in my hometowns again. Everything looked lush and green. Southern Ontario in the summer is like that. And very humid. I've become accustomed to the the dry California air so it was a bit of a shock. Like breathing in wet cotton. But it was so good to see my family again. And I loved having Rick with me. It was the first time he met my father and my sister and brother. My mother came to visit us a few months ago with my other sister but the rest of the family had never met him before. It kind of brought my "two worlds" together at last.
My mother is recovering well from her surgery even though she had a bad relapse just before we arrived. She's feeling better day by day and I was glad I could see her and know she will be ok. She put us to work doing all the things she can't manage right now. She's a bit of a taskmaster actually. Even when she isn't sick! But that's my mom and I love her.
Even though we had a great trip, I was so glad to get home and be in our own place and our own bed again. I think we are a bit tired from all the running around. And I'm glad to be back online and catching up on all my favorite blogs!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Just some pictures :)

Rick and I leave for Canada tomorrow to visit my family! I'm so excited. We're very busy trying to get everything packed and ready. Bridget is doing well with Rick's son and daughter and I'm really glad she has a safe place to stay while we are gone.
We've both been on SL a bit lately, catching up with friends. Rick likes to surf. I like to shop and I've been redecorating our house in SL! I had a good talk with Joonie and joined the Ch'know group! I'm looking forward to going to a hump day party lol.
Here are just some pics of my dolphin Luna, a groundhog I found that is just adorable and really moves, and me lounging in my beautiful new beach bed!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Update on Bridget

Well Rick and I are exhausted. It's so hard taking care of a kitten. We've also been waging war on the fleas for the past two days. She's doing a lot better now but we don't really know what to do with her. The shelters are not very easy to get in touch with and the no-kill one we wanted to bring her to wouldn't take her because we don't live in that particular area.
Rick's son and daughter decided to take her for us because we're going to Canada soon. When we get back we can try to find her a good home or a good shelter.
When we dropped her off she was all calm and sleepy in my arms. Then she saw the dog. It's the nicest dog. Just a big puppy. But Bridget went crazy when she saw him and dug her claws right into my skin and howled and hissed like a demon. I guess she doesn't like dogs very much. But she has a nice safe place to stay in one of the bedrooms and they will take good care of her.
I miss her. I know we will sleep well tonight. I was too excited to sleep last night. She was very good and slept the whole night but I kept waking up in case she started crying or had a problem.
Now all there is to remind us of her is her food dish and a few stray fleas. I hate fleas!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bridget the Lost Birthday Kitten

I'm sorry I haven't posted in so long! I've been pretty busy and haven't made time. Rick and I are going to Canada in a few days to visit my family. It's Rick's birthday today. He doesn't like to celebrate it very much. He doesn't even want a cake with candles!!! But this morning a little birthday gift showed up on our front doorstep.

Her name is Bridget. We named her after Bridget Marquardt from "The Girls next door!" She's so tiny. I think she belonged to a wild mother cat who we saw roaming around the apartment complex with two little kittens. I don't know what happened to the mother but I very much doubt this kitten would be alone if she was alive. She was such a good mother to them. She was crying so much. She's very thin and ate some turkey bacon hungrily. Rick went out and bought some shampoo and flea medicine because she was crawling with fleas. I've never seen anything like it. We gave her a bath which she hated. All the fleas crawled up to her head and we tried to get them all off but it was hard. I think we got most of them off and the medicine we put on her back will kill the rest. She's exhausted right now from all the excitement. She's sleeping comfortably on the couch.

We are going to keep her until we find a no-kill shelter that will take her. We would love to keep her but we're not allowed to have pets in our apartment. She's very sweet and lovable and trusting. She loves to be cuddled. If anyone reading this lives in southern California and would like to give Bridget a home, contact me at aimeepug@hotmail.com.