Monday, September 29, 2008

Food meme. Yummy!

I saw this on Alicia and Dyami's blogs and I love food so I thought this would be fun! I excercise every day because it gives me energy and helps me maintain a healthy weight. But I'm not a dieter. I believe it's good for me to enjoy anything I want in moderation. Otherwise I feel deprived and resentful and that's not fun. I'd rather enjoy my food than be a size zero!
So on to my favorites!

Breakfast: Anything from IHOP. Especially the Rooty Tooty Fresh n' Fruity. Or the new fruit crepes they are advertising now. Thin fluffy crepes filled with a sweet cream cheese and fruit filling. I celebrated my successful driving test with one of those! If I'd failed I would have had one of those to cheer myself up!

Pizza: I like thin crust pizza with olives, tomatoes and feta cheese. Poor Rick likes pepperoni and mushrooms or bacon so we don't usually share an order. We both love a nice Sangiovese red wine with our pizza. Yummy!

Ice cream: I can't choose. I love all ice cream except for bubblegum flavored. I love hot fudge sundaes. I love Coldstone most of all!

Caffeinated beverage: I love flavored coffee but I can only drink it in the afternoon or evening because it upsets my stomach in the morning. So I don't end up drinking a lot of caffeine beverages because they'll keep me awake at night.

Vegetable: Asparagus and certain types of squash. At Christmas my Grandmother made this turnip dish with maple syrup, brown sugar and apples. It was like a dessert. But I'm not sure that counts as I'm not a big fan of turnip if it isn't drenched in apples, maple syrup and brown sugar.

Fruit: Granny Smith apples and peaches.

Dessert: How do I love dessert? Let me count the ways. I love chocolate cake with thick gooey icing. I love creme brulee. I love ice cream cake, cheesecake. You name it, I love it. My newest favorite dessert is something called a "Mormon Scone" I don't like scones as I've known them. They are dry tasteless tea biscuit type things. But on a recent trip to Utah I had the mormon version of a scone which is a yummy, fried, doughnut type thing with sugar or cinnamon. It's amazing. And so fattening. I could feel them settle right on my thighs. And it was worth it!!!

Fast food chain: Being from Canada, I have to say Americans know how to do fast-food! There is so much more available here!!! And I have to go with Alicia here and say Sonic is my favorite. I love their drinks and burgers and wraps and their cheddar poppers and how you can get breakfast any time of the day.

Store bought soda or beer: I like Coke Zero. It tastes better to me than diet coke. I'm not a big beer drinker at all but I've been known to enjoy a Corona with lime.

Type of cuisine: Mexican, Italian, would sushi be considered Japanese cuisine? Because I love sushi.

Wow. That was fun. I'm really hungry now too. Time for dinner!

Seven Ultra Lounge

What a night in SL! I've been hearing a lot about this new club "Seven Ultra Lounge." It's supposed to be very exclusive and fancy and you have to pay to get a membership. I thought it would be fun to buy one of their land passes so I could check it out. But I didn't want to go alone. So I asked my dear friend Joonie if she would go with me. So a ravishing redhead and a beautiful blonde got all dressed up and set out in the night to rub shoulders with the beautiful people.

It was so much fun! I really liked the place. I wasn't so sure about the music as it isn't really my personal taste but I will say that the genre of music they were playing certainly suited the ambience of the place. And they had a great dance floor with lots of fun animations. Joonie and I had a blast with those. My speakers weren't working so I attached some outside ones and wasn't that impressed so I turned them off. I was having too much fun to need music anyway.

I might buy a month's membership just for fun. It was fun to dress up and swish around. Joonie recognized a few famous avatars. One of whom was drinking himself into a stupor. Clearly fame isn't everything as Joonie said! hehe
It was hard to take pictures with all the neon lighting. But I got a good one of us dancing. For some reason, Joonie's hair wouldn't show up when I took pictures of us at the bar so I took a picture of us from behind the bar where the glare wasn't so bad. And because I have a shoe fetish I had to take a picture of our gorgeous shoes.

I had a great time. I would definitely go back. But I think the main reason I had so much fun is because I was with my friend. Thanks Joonie! We have to do it again sometime! I've missed you :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

September is awesome!

I took my second driving test today and I ......PASSED!!!!! I am so relieved and so happy. I don't know what I would have done if I failed it again. We are moving to Utah soon and the closest DMV is very far away from where we will be living so I really wanted to have my license before we moved. I didn't hit the curb this time thank goodness. The poor kid who went before me went over the median and popped a tire. But everything went smoothly and I'm a licensed driver now and it's amazing how much more fun driving is when I don't have a test looming over me.

I also recently came back from my sister's wedding in Canada. It was so much fun and so good to be with my family again. Rachel looked beautiful and it was such a good reception. Everyone was relaxed and happy. Even with my divorced parents and aunts and uncles and the various new spouses. Everyone was considerate of Rachel's special day and put all their tension aside. The family dynamics can be hard sometimes but I was proud of them all for being gracious and mature and kind to one another. It was actually the first time in years that I saw my father and mother in the same room. And it was nice that they were civil to eachother. Even friendly. I'm so glad it was good for Rachel because I know she was worried about it.

And Rick and I are officially engaged!!! He surprised me one night and I said yes. And I'm happier than I ever imagined I could be. I never thought about marrying someone until I met Rick. It just feels right and natural and wonderful.
Just a pic of my family after the ceremony. My mom was the minister and I'm on the left. And an adorable picture of Bridget that Rick took. She's such a camera star!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What was I thinking??

I just love the look on this girl's face as she surveys the hot mess that is me.

A vision in blue latex and tie-dye!

I really love SL fashion blogs. Especially ones that poke fun of SL fashion tastes. I was looking through my inventory at some of the first outfits and hair styles that my confused noobie self thought were simply ravishing in the good old days.

I thought to myself how much fun it would be to actually make it into one of those fashion mistake blogs. So I hauled out my blue latex catsuit and gorgeous blinging color change shoes and headed off to Armidi! I also found an old outfit appropriately titled "Tie-Dye Nightmare." The name alone should have been a clue.

I don't think I was spotted by any of the fashion police :( But it was fun to totter around in my sexy shoes and swish my stiff horror of a hairdo around!