Sunday, November 30, 2008

Alicia's Winter Picture Challenge!

I'm not a very good photographer. I still don't know how to play around with Windlight although I have tried. But I like dressing up and taking pictures and thought Alicia's challenge sounded fun. So I dressed up warm and put on my skates and went to this beautiful sim I found called Midsomer Meadows. I don't know how to put in SLURL's either but if you go into search and put in Midsomer meadows you will find it. There is a winter wonderland there!

Astrid is also a much better skater than I am.

Making snow angels!

And lastly, my favorite kind of winter. In the hot tub in my beach tree house! With my bright pink Christmas tree!

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Mforiero said...

From the Photos I can see on the blog, it seems that you have eyes for good SL Photos

Anyway, I suggest you to have a look

It is a community of SL Photographers, learning and teaching each others.....