Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Wow! A lot of things have been happening. I haven't blogged in so long. First of all, Bridget's spaying went very well. She had to wear a lampshade collar for ten days and she hated that. I just took it off her a few days ago and she was so happy. She spent a whole hour cleaning herself and running all over the place. About a week after the surgery I noticed a strawberry sized lump under the incision. We took her to the vet and she had an infection. It didn't seem to bother her but it't important not to ignore these things. So she is taking Amoxicillin now for a week. Twice a day I squirt the medicine into her mouth with a syringe. It smells like bananas. I think she likes it. The bump is going away.

Now all this Bridget stuff happened a week before we were supposed to move to Utah. It was very stressful. We weren't sleeping and everything was packed so we were eating off paper plates or just getting fast food. Rick had some health problems and we went to the doctor. All this stress started making us think. And we started talking about things we had just pushed to the back of our minds because we didn't want to think about the disadvantages of what were thinking of doing. There were a lot of things to think about, risking all our money on a business venture that may not work out. And since the business is on park land, it may be hard to sell should we ever want to sell it. The current owners are having trouble selling it because of the bad economy. We also didn't have a place to live. We could stay in the cabin during the off-season but we'd have to buy a house trailer eventually.

And it's not like we hate it here. I love living here. The traffic gets to me sometimes but we have everything we need here and we love our place. We decided not to do it. In some ways, it was sad to let go of the dream but in other ways it's a relief. I just want us to be together no matter where we are. So we've given up on this dream for now. But I have lots of dreams and they are coming true every day. Rick and Bridget are both doing really well now and I'm so happy about that.

Yesterday I bought a wedding dress! It was a lot of fun, trying on all these fancy princess gowns. I felt like I was in SL! The second gown I tried on was "the one." As soon as I put it on I couldn't stop smiling. It felt perfectly right for me and I've never felt so beautiful. So I bought it and put it in my hall closet which we never use. It's in a garment bag, but even so I want it kept far away from kitty claws. I also bought some beautiful shoes! I'm posting a picture of them here. The dress pictures will have to wait until after the wedding because of all that superstitious stuff. I don't believe in it but my mother would be upset if Rick happened to see the pictures before the wedding so out of respect for her feelings I'll go along with all the hoopla. But the shoes don't count! Do they? I don't know anything about this wedding stuff. haha.

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Joonie Jatho said...


warn a girl next time! that's a LOT of stuff to take in! LOL

wow...ok...i might need to come back and post a bit later when my head stops spinning! LOL

but before I go, Aimee, I have to say congrats to you and Rick and Bridget, too, of course. I got all teared up when I raad about the dress and the shoes. It all makes me incredibly happy.

Ok..I might as well keep going. Sorry about Utah, but there are other times and other places even better I'm sure. You both are such wonderful people so I know only good things are ahead for you guys.

Glad everyone is healthy. :)

LOVE the shoes! can't you just sneak me a peek of that dress? LOL

*hugs you tight*
Love ya! Joonie